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Our process begins with the most important part – a careful definition of what is required to fit the needs of the client. In order to do this, we need to spend time with you to review your needs, wants and expectations. Our typical project consists of three main phases, including pre-design, design, and construction drawing.

Additionally, we have several optional services that many of our clients take advantage of, including:

  • interior architecture,
  • site design,
  • bidding management,
  • construction administration.

These optional services will help assure that your project is built exactly the way you envisioned it and stays within the expected budget.

“To get the most out of working with Beer Architectural Group, it’s important to communicate your needs and preferences. Pre-planning and open communication help us create the most appropriate design solutions for your project.”

Pre-Design Phase

The Pre-Design Phase is the most important one – this is where we meet with our clients to determine what the vision is for the project. At this point we may need to do a bit of ‘reality checking’ to ensure that everything from zoning to site issues has been considered. We ask a lot of questions, we check a lot of information and then we submit a preliminary document to our client that spells out our understanding of the project. Once everyone is clear on all aspects of the project, it’s time for the Design Phase.

“Beer Architectural Group’s architects spend a great deal of time collaborating with their residential clients, gaining an understanding of, and appreciation for, each client’s way of life. Regardless of size or style, every house is designed for living.”


Design Phase

The Design Phase is when we take all the information obtained in the first Phase and begin to turn into reality. Basic plans are created, along with front, back and side elevation drawings.
We meet with the client to ensure we have translated their wishes into reality, and we begin to look at the practical aspects of schedules, timing and budget.
At this point it is possible to get preliminary pricing from a builder,

Construction Drawing Phase

Once the client has signed off on the Design Phase Drawings, it’s time to move into Construction Drawing Phase. At this point we create separate plans for electrical, plumbing, framing – every aspect of the building that required detail for the contractor. There plans are submitted to obtain building permits and to different builders to obtain bids on how much it will cost to build the home or addition.

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