Reasons for Involving an Architect for Your Remodeling Project

 For a large majority of Americans, their home will be the largest single investment they ever make and the value of that home will make up the bulk of the assets in their portfolio.

So, it only makes sense that most people want that house to be what they consider their “Dream Home”!  One way to ensure that that your “Dream Home” does not turn into a nightmare is to involve an experienced and professional architect in any major building or remodeling project involving your home. 

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Renewable Energy and Your Home

No one has been able to escape the debate over renewable energy.  The purpose of this post is NOT to debate the political aspects of renewable or “green” energy, but to simply look at the impacts they have on the home.  While larger items like solar panels and wind turbines are the most obvious forms of renewable energy,  home owners are also turning to high efficiency HVAC and “smart” thermostats to  not only be eco-friendly but to also save on their utility bills. 

Before going down the road of integrating “Green” energy into their lives and their homes, home owners usually have questions like: will these changes negatively affect the esthetics, and more importantly, the value of my home?  And, how much will this cost? 

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Our Process





Design phase


Design Phase

  • Architect meetings with client to review design.
  • Floor plan studies.

Construction Drawing Phase


Drawing Phase

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