Why You Should Work with an Architect to Complete your Next Construction Project

When you’re planning to renovate your home or build an entirely new home, working with an architect will streamline the process and enable you to bring your vision to life. Architects hold degrees in architecture, which means they are educated about engineering, project management, and design theory. An architect’s job is not just to design an aesthetically pleasing home, but to design a home that uses space and energy efficiently while meeting its owner’s needs. Architects are familiar with the relevant zoning laws and permit processes for the areas they serve and in many cases, work within specific niches to provide specialized, custom work for their clients.

The importance of working with an architect to complete your construction project depends on the size and scope of the project. For a small addition or basement remodel, an architect can certainly help, but their input is not as critical to the project’s success as it would be with a substantial renovation or a new construction.

An architect is not a contractor. The architect designs the building and the general contractor actually builds it. The architect and the builder need to communicate with each other to develop and complete a project. Think of the architect as the visionary and the general contractor as the creator who brings that vision to life. Your architect will draw upon their design skills and engineering knowledge to create a space that provides what you need from a home, then your contractor will transfer that space from paper to reality.

To learn more about how working with an experienced architect can help you, contact Beer Architectural Group, L.L.C. today to speak with a member of our team.

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The Challenge for 2018 and Beyond – Designing for Millennials

Millennials have officially become the largest consumer group and they will shape our future in ways that no other generation has done.  Their unique take on change is that they are the first generation to have never known life without the Internet.

Millennials are determined to experience everyday things in ways far different from previous generations.  This is the generation that puts off marriage, many decide not to have kids and they are much more likely to become an entrepreneur.  They also like to use the same space for more than one activity.

All of these facts about Millennials have a major impact on how to design an office or a home for a them.  Their habits and behaviors point to minimal spaces that are highly flexible, making it imperative that the architect needs to tune in and create an environment that can quickly morph into a new one – in other words, combining innovation and flexibility to create a vision of the future.

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Design phase


Design Phase

  • Architect meetings with client to review design.
  • Floor plan studies.

Construction Drawing Phase


Drawing Phase

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