Home Renovation Trends in 2018

Many homeowners look to introduce their own personality and color choices when planning home renovations.  Looking back over the year, there has been some interesting trends that have developed when homeowners, designers and architects come together to create unique spaces.

Many homeowners are now getting away from traditional hinged doors in favor of sliding interior doors, predominantly because they take up much less space. Whether they slide inside walls (pocket doors) or just outside (barn-style), these doors add amazing functionality while mitigating privacy concerns and drawing flexible boundaries between spaces. And of course, as an added bonus, they come in every material imaginable—from glass and wood to stainless steel and reclaimed timber.

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What is Sustainable Home Design?

The concept of ‘sustainable’ design has become a buzz word in architecture over the past decade.  However, what does it actually mean?

In its purest sense, ‘sustainable’ is when you produce good quality housing at a price that is affordable both in the short and long term, meeting the needs of today without compromising the needs of future generations.

Truly sustainable design usually incorporates some type of ‘green’ initiative, where building products are repurposed or recycled, or an energy source is created such as the use of solar panels.

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Our Process title

Our Process





Design phase


Design Phase

  • Architect meetings with client to review design.
  • Floor plan studies.

Construction Drawing Phase


Drawing Phase

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